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1 an angular or rounded shape made by folding; "a fold in the napkin"; "a crease in his trousers"; "a plication on her blouse"; "a flexure of the colon"; "a bend of his elbow" [syn: crease, plication, flexure, crimp, bend]
2 a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church [syn: congregation, faithful]
3 a folded part (as a fold of skin or muscle) [syn: plica]
4 a pen for sheep [syn: sheepfold, sheep pen, sheepcote]
5 the act of folding; "he gave the napkins a double fold" [syn: folding]


1 bend or lay so that one part covers the other; "fold up the newspaper"; "turn up your collar" [syn: fold up, turn up] [ant: unfold]
2 intertwine; "fold one's hands, arms, or legs"
3 incorporate a food ingredient into a mixture by repeatedly turning it over without stirring or beating; "Fold the egg whites into the batter"
4 cease to operate or cause to cease operating; "The owners decided to move and to close the factory"; "My business closes every night at 8 P.M." [syn: close, shut down, close down] [ant: open]
5 confine in a fold, like sheep [syn: pen up]
6 become folded or folded up; "The bed folds in a jiffy" [syn: fold up]

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  • (RP): /fəʊld/, /f@Uld/
  • (US): fōld, /foʊld/, /foUld/
  • Rhymes: -əʊld

Etymology 1

fealdan, from Germanic *falþanan. Cognate with Dutch vouwen, German falten.


  1. to bend (any thin material, such as paper) over so that it comes in contact with itself.
  2. to make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending.
    If you fold the sheets, they'll fit more easily in the drawer.
  3. (Informal) to fall over.
  4. to give way on a point or in an argument.
  5. (poker) To withdraw from betting.
  6. To stir gently, with a folding action.
    Fold the egg whites into the batter.
  7. Of a company, to cease to trade.
  • (bend (thin material) over): bend, crease
  • (make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending):
  • (fall over): fall over
  • (give way on a point or in an argument): concede, give in, give way, yield
  • (poker: withdraw from betting):
  • (stir gently with a folding action):
  • (cease to trade):
bend (thin material) over
make the proper arrangement (in a thin material) by bending
fall over
  • Finnish: kaatua
give way on a point or in an argument
poker: withdraw from betting
  • Finnish: luovuttaa
  • Icelandic: pakka
stir gently with a folding action
cease to trade
  • Finnish: lopettaa, sulkea
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Derived terms


  1. the act of folding
  2. a bend or crease.
  3. any correct move in origami.
act of folding
bend or crease
  • Afrikaans: vou
  • Finnish: taitos, poimu
  • French: pli
  • German: Falz, Falte
  • Portuguese: dobra
  • Russian: складка
  • Swedish: veck
correct move in origami
  • Finnish: taitos
  • German: f, Faltmanöver
  • Portuguese: dobra

Etymology 2

fald, contraction of falæd, from Germanic. Cognate with Dutch vaalt.


  1. An enclosure for sheep or other domestic animals.
  2. home, family.
  3. Religion: A church congregation or a church.
  4. (obsolete) A boundary or limit.
enclosure for domestic animals
  • Finnish: karsina
  • German: Schafspferch
  • Swedish: fålla
home, family
  • German: Schoß
  • German: Gemeinde




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KO, alveolation, alveolus, antrum, arena, armpit, assembly, average, bang, bar, barricade, basin, batten, batten down, be ruined, become insolvent, bend, bisect, bolt, bomb, bosom, bowl, break, brethren, bust, button, button up, call off, cancel, cave, cave in, cavity, choke, choke off, churchgoers, cincture, clap, clasp, class, clip, close, close down, close up, coat, coating, collapse, collop, complete, concave, concavity, confine, congregation, constrict, contain, container, contract, coop, corrugation, court, courtyard, cover, covering, crap out, crash, crater, crease, crimp, crinkle, crisp, crypt, cup, curtilage, cut, deal, deflate, delete, delimited field, depression, dip, disk, dispose of, dog-ear, double, double over, draw a blank, drop a bomb, drop the ball, drop the curtain, embosom, embrace, enclave, enclose, enclosure, end off, enfold, envelop, enwrap, expunge, extinguish, fail, fall in, fan, fasten, feuille, field, film, finalize, finish, flap, flock, flop, flounce, flummox, flute, foil, fold over, fold up, follicle, frill, funnel chest, furrow, gather, get it over, get left, get over with, get through with, give the quietus, give way, go bankrupt, go broke, go into receivership, go to pot, go to ruin, go under, go up, ground, hole, hollow, hollow shell, hug, implode, infold, interfold, kayo, key, kibosh, kill, knock out, lacuna, laity, lamella, lamina, laminated glass, laminated wood, lap, lap over, latch, lay an egg, laymen, leaf, list, lock, lock out, lock up, lose out, membrane, middle, minyan, nonclerics, nonordained persons, not hack it, not make it, occlude, overlap, padlock, pale, paling, pane, panel, parish, parishioners, park, patina, peel, pellicle, pen, people, perfect, pit, plait, plank, plat, plate, plating, pleat, plica, plicate, plumb, ply, plywood, pocket, polish off, press, pucker, punch bowl, puncture, put paid to, quad, quadrangle, quill, rasher, ridge, rimple, rivel, ruck, ruff, ruffle, safety glass, scoop, scrag, scum, seal, seal off, seal up, seculars, secure, sheep, sheet, shell, shoot down, shut, shut down, shut the door, shut up, sink, sinus, skin, slab, slam, slat, slice, snap, society, socket, square, squeeze, squeeze shut, strangle, strike out, table, tablet, take the count, theater, toft, trough, tuck, turn over, twill, veneer, vug, wafer, whiff, wipe out, wrap, wrinkle, yard, zap, zip up, zipper
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